The Foundation

The Time Is Now

It has been many years since a generation has witnessed the kind of prosperity—alongside the kind of dire poverty—that we see around the globe today. Especially among the world’s children, 536 million of whom survive on $1.25 a day or less.

Education—a real hope for change

We believe educated young people can transform their communities for the better and permanently eradicate longstanding cycles of poverty and ignorance. The mission of The Cainan Foundation is to provide a first-rate education to vulnerable and disadvantaged children who have been subject to homelessness, poverty, conflict, death, and disease.

The Cainan Foundation builds self-sustaining boarding schools—with modern facilities, top instructors, and essential support services such as nutrition and health care.

Creating an opportunity oasis

Our Pre-K-12 schools seek to become “pockets of hope” within distressed communities. Students are provided with clean uniforms, shoes, meals, recreation, and healthcare so they are in a position to learn and thrive. The curriculum is wide-ranging and customized to each region, encompassing not only academic subjects aligned with international pedagogy, but also practical skills such as farming, animal husbandry and small enterprise. Our aim is to create future leaders with a broad understanding of what it takes to build successful lives and self-sustaining communities.


"The world takes advantage of innocent children. We want to empower those children to take advantage of the world."

- Tony Weeresinghe