Our Story

Cindy and I believe each person on earth has been put here for a specific purpose. Our job, in life, is to figure out what that mission is—and to fulfill it in the best way possible.

From a very young age I saw the daily struggles my mother faced in trying to provide her children with “a good education,” which she believed was essential to a successful life. She worked three jobs in order to afford our school fees so there would be no compromise in the quality of our education. I fully attribute my success to this remarkable woman who was willing to do whatever it took to ensure I received the best education possible.

As I matured, I developed a desire to provide the kind of first-class education I received to some of the world’s most severely disadvantaged children. I was determined to provide the tools and opportunity for these children to change the future—for themselves, the communities they live in, and the world at-large.

When I first met Cindy, I remember sharing this ambition with her. (Her first reaction was that this was some kind of elaborate “pick-up line,” but she was soon persuaded that I was sincere and eventually agreed to marry me!) Today, I am convinced that we were drawn together so that she could help make this vision a reality.

After a successful 20-year career as a global Financial/IT executive and entrepreneur, I am now ready to work more closely with my family to fulfill our long-held vision of helping the world’s most disadvantaged children benefit from a first-class education.

In 2014, Cindy and I began to devote more of our time to philanthropic pursuits and began to lay the foundation for what would become The Cainan Foundation. Not wishing to be beholden to traditional funding constraints, we envisioned a foundation that would be funded by a for-profit business. Together we set out to launch both Ustocktrade.com and The Cainan Foundation.

The Cainan foundation reflects a non-traditional model for addressing the cycle of poverty that is entrenched in disadvantaged communities throughout the world. In a different way than donating food or building shelter, education can reduce poverty on a more permanent basis.

We’re not afraid to dream big! Our strong shared faith and bold approach are tools that Cindy and I bring to bear on this formidable global challenge. We have been tremendously blessed in our lives and believe we have the resources and abilities to make a real impact.

Tony and Cindy Weeresinghe
Co – Founders
January 2016

The Cainan Foundation is primarily funded through profits generated by Ustocktrade.com, a company founded by the Weeresinghes purposefully to support the Foundation.

"The world takes advantage of innocent children. We want to empower those children to take advantage of the world."

- Tony Weeresinghe